Take the Battle to Evil Forces in Princess Fury on iPhone

Thu, Jun 3, 2010

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TriplePoint client Mo-Star has announced the launch of their latest iPhone game, a fantasy action game entitled Princess Fury. As the princess, players will tackle side-scrolling levels filled with enemies, and with the help of AI controller servants and soldiers, will clear the path of any who stand in the princess’s way, with the ultimate goal being to defeat the evil overlord who has taken over the land.

While your AI companions will attack on their own, you can offer them commands like Disperse, which will send them away from you to attack far away enemies, and Regroup, which will bring them back to you.

Princess Fury contains 20 levels set in various themed areas, like an Ancient Forest, Desert, and Castle Fortress, as examples. Furthermore, players will come across five different mission types – elimination, defense, capture the crystals, escort missions and even boss battles.

Some of the game’s larger battles will see you waging war (via swordplay and magic spells like lightning, tornadoes and fire, as example) with over 100 enemies at once, so you’ll need to rely on the unique abilities of the varying kinds of servants and soldiers that accompany you in order to survive.

You’ll be able to customize your gameplay experience before stages by swapping out your servants and soldiers, or choosing which spells the princess will have access to on that particular level.

Princess Fury is now available on the iPhone for $1.99. If you’re interested in learning more, either check out the gameplay video below, or head over to PrincessFury

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