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Wed, Sep 22, 2010

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In the world of social gaming, we’ve seen a couple of interesting developments take place. For one, Scion (yes, the car “Scion”) has launched their very own augmented reality game, and elsewhere, we see cross-promotion network Applifier open fully to all Facebook game developers.

Scion Launches Take on the Machine Game

For those that have gone to see a 3D film in the past few weeks, you will have likely viewed a 3D trailer for Scion’s new “Take on the Machine” advertising promotion that sees a series of new Scion vehicles dodging and swerving through an ever-changing uber-modern cityscape, avoiding rising (or falling) platforms, speeding around corners and so on.

The commercial itself is impressive, but if you want to Take on the Machine yourself, you can now do so via Scion’s official website. The game is a mini-game of sorts, that challenges you with maneuvering your Scion vehicle through the city’s streets as quickly as possible. Your forward movement is automatic, with the gas pedal being floored throughout the entirety of the experience. However, your speed fluctuates greatly, as you run into obstacles that appear from the walls, from the floor or even drop from the sky. As you run into these obstacles, your speed will decrease slightly, and you’ll need to make your way back to a clear path for your acceleration to resume.

If you simply finish the course, you’ll unlock the second of three currently available vehicles. Beat the course in under 1 minute in total (this seems like it would require a near flawless run), and you’ll unlock the third car, the Bloodshot tC.

It should be noted that if you navigate away from the page, your progress will reset in terms of the cars that you’ve unlocked. However, should you perform well, you can add your high score to the global top 100 chart, along with your name. Head over to Scion’s webpage to try the game for yourself.

Applifier Opens Fully to Developers

While big-name Facebook developers like Zynga and CrowdStar have the in-linking system down, in terms of getting users from one of their games to the next quickly and effortlessly through toolbars at the top of their games, other developers with perhaps only one or two games in their library haven’t been so lucky. This is where Applifier, the Facebook game cross-promotion network comes into play.

As reported by Inside Social Games, Applifier has recently opened their service to the public, meaning that now any Facebook game developer can use the service to gain instant exposure for their games.

Basically, the Applifier game bar will allow developers to place their game within the bar, with the bar being installed on other games in the hopes that users will “click-through” to their game when they finish with the game they are currently playing. The service has already been adopted by a few larger developers, including Booyah (creators of Nighclub City) and Digital Chocolate (the developer behind Millionaire City).

According to CEO Jussi Laakkonen, Applifier is now up to 10 million click-throughs, with the barely four month old service delivering 200 million impressions daily. For more information about how the game bar works, head over to Applifier’s official website.

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