Take A Trip to Tuscany With New Restaurant City Items and Food

Thu, Sep 9, 2010

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In keeping with the current geographical theme in Restaurant City, this week’s new items take us on a trip to Tuscany. There are plenty of new items, both premium and non, available to decorate your cafe to look like it rests in the heart of Italy, and if you have the ingredients, you’ll be able to serve the proper food to your guests as well. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

In terms of the coin-only items, first, you can purchase a new Breton Chair to go along with two themed tables, one with a tablecloth, and one without. Next, you can hang a variety of items from your kitchen’s walls, like pots and pans, meat and even a basket. You can create your very own winery with Grape Juice Barrels, Grape Trestles, and a blanket of condiments, or you can add more traditional “appliances” to your kitchen area, like a fish smoker, pastry tool counter, carvery table, pasta maker, of even shelves full of glassware (which looks to contain all sorts of wine or cooking oils). There are two different types of walnut flooring, one light and one dark, while three different wallpaper options are available for coins.

As for premium items, there are a few in this theme, starting with the Willow Chair, costing 3 Playfish Cash, that looks like it was bent and formed from the branches of a tree. Next, a meat smoker, Happy Pig figure, and Large Storage Shelf are all available for 4 Playfish Cash each. A Potwasher serves as a functional item, which can be purchased for 40 Playfish Cash, and has the effect of making your waiters clean dirty dishes 10% faster than normal. The final two premium items are the Italian Brass Stove, available for 15 Playfish Cash, which cooks dishes 15% faster than average, and a Fruit Press Dispenser, available for 10 Playfish Cash, that serves drinks 12% than normal.

As usual, there are new free gifts to go along with these items, with there being two decorative items available this week. The first is a Country Basket, a picnic basket filled with food and a blanket, while the other is the Italian Brick Wallpaper.

In addition, there are three new recipes available for your guests to sink their teeth into this week. The first is a starter dish in the form of Biscotti, available to learn with just three ingredients: Egg, Flour, and Sugar.

Next are two Main courses. The first is the Gnocchi, which is a limited time only dish that must be learned within the next 12 days, or it will disappear from your menu. It can be learned with four ingredients: Two Pasta, a Tomato and Basil.

Finally, the last dish is another Main course in the form of Pizza Florentine. While not a limited time only dish, it can also be learned with four ingredients, a Flour, Cheese, Salad and Egg.

Some of these new decorative items will only be around in the game for a limited time, so be sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook soon to pick up the ones you want before they’re gone.

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