Take a Trip to the Grocery Store with New Cafe World Items

Fri, May 21, 2010

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Last week, the item theme in Cafe World allowed us all to create a virtual television set and cooking show in our cafes. While the theme allowed us to use our imaginations in becoming television celebrities, the items (kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc.) were fairly realistic, unlike some themes we’ve seen in the past. The same can be said about the items in this week’s theme – Grocery Store.

First, before you ask what kind of table and chairs could be released to go along with a grocery store theme, I’ll save you the trouble – there are none. Instead, the theme here starts on the Doors panel, with a set of automated sliding glass doors for 2 Cafe Cash. From there, the theme explodes with rotating security cameras, wall-mounted freezer units and storefront windows, checked flooring and enough decorations to make your head spin.

The decorative items allow you to truly create your grocery store, adding fruit stands, milk dispensers, tall shelves filled with products, deli counters (and a ticket dispenser for waiting in line), a kiddie ride, toy claw machines, a cash register and loads more! The entire theme ranges in price from 775 coins for a piece of checked flooring to 40,000 coins for both the Hotdog Man and the Vending Machine.

As always, if you’d rather pick up some of these items for cheaper than their store prices, but you really don’t care which items you receive, you can take a chance with this week’s Mystery Crate, which costs 10 Cafe Cash and rewards you with 100 Cafe Points (the game’s experience points).

Likewise, if you’d rather spread the love of this theme to your friends, you can head over to the game’s free gifts page where you’ll find new items like the 35 serving helpings of the game’s newest recipe, the Philly Cheesesteak.

Ready to create your own grocery store in Cafe World? Head over to the game’s page to start shopping.

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