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Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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The FarmVille marketplace may have been lacking in a limited edition item theme yesterday morning, but the absence of exclusive items didn’t last long, as we’ve been introduced to the first items in the Far East item theme. As of right now, there are new, limited-time-only items available on the store’s Decorations, Animals, and Crops tabs.

If you weren’t playing FarmVille around the time of the Chinese New Year (mid-February), you’ll be happy to know that the lovely Lotus crop that you missed out on back then has come back around for users (level 30 and above) to plant. Unsurprisingly, the Lotus crop contains the same stats as during its first release – it can be planted for 160 coins per square, and harvested after eight hours for 250 coins per square.

A second crop is also available in the form of a Yellow Lentil seed. The lentils are perfect for lower-level players, in that they only cost 20 coins per square to plant, and can be harvested every four hours for 80 coins each. You’ll gain a single experience point for planting the lentils, whereas the Lotus will earn you two experience points per square planted.

Moving onto the Animals tab of the marketplace, we find an Indian Elephant and a Baby Tiger. Again, the Baby Tiger was released as part of the Chinese New Year set of items, but it’s come back for those who may have missed it the first time around. It is available for 22 Farm Cash, and can be harvested every two days, while the Indian Elephant is harvested every three days, and can be purchased for 18 Farm Cash.

Finally, in terms of decorations, you can pick up two new items, a Rickshaw and a Banyan Tree. The Banyan Tree is a decorative-only item, meaning that it can not be harvested, and it will cost you 3 Farm Cash to add to your farm. Meanwhile, the Rickshaw is available for 7,000 coins (it is, at the time of this writing, a non-rotatable item, if that’s something that concerns you).

While you are free to stock up on these items now, if you so choose, the time limit here is a pretty forgiving one, offering two and a half weeks for users to decide which items they’d like to invest in. Presumably, as the time passes, the item theme will grow, and we’ll be sure to let you know when and if it does. For now, head over to the game’s page to do some shopping.

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