Take A Trip to Paris or Versailles With New Pet Society Items

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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As we know, each week, Playfish adds a new item theme to Pet Society. While last week saw us taking a trip back in time to the 1950′s, this week sees us taking a trip overseas to the country of France, with items including more basic, traditional French items, and those specifically tailored to a “Palace of Versailles” theme.

As usual, our look at this new theme begins in the game’s Garden Store, under the Furniture heading. There, you’ll find a massive horse drawn carriage available to purchase for 18,000 coins. The horse and carriage duo is one, connected, item, so if you buy the carriage you automatically get the horse as well.

Next, in the Furniture Store proper, we can see three items representing Versailles – the Versailles Dinner Table, for 1,500 coins, the Pink Versailles Chair for 400 coins, and the Pink Versailles Table for 400 coins. Make special note of the “One Week Only” signs hanging above these items – if you want any of them, purchase them this week, or else you’ll miss your chance entirely.

The same thing applies to the two items under the Bedroom heading of the Furniture Store – the Pink Versailles Bed for 3,000 coins, and the Pink Versailles Dressing Table for 1,000 coins. They too will only be available for the rest of this week (presumably until next Monday, when a new theme is launched in the game).

Head over to the Market, and under the Toys and Collectibles heading you’ll find just a single item, the French Bull Plushie, which costs 850 coins. Unlike the Versailles items, this one has no expiration date listed, so there doesn’t seem to be as great of a rush to purchase it.

As we move into the Boutique, or Cash Shop, we an see that there is a new item called the Real Time Eiffel Tower Window. This window is a floor to ceiling offering, and as the time of day changes where you live, so too will the window. The sky outside of the window will start with a pretty purple and pink sunrise, before making its way to clear blue skies. By nightfall, you are treated to an orange and red sunset before the window finally shifts into a starry night sky. All of this can be yours for the price of 16 Playfish Cash.

Still in the Boutique, but now under the “Beautiful Items” heading, we find three items. One, the Pink Crystal Chandelier, can be built with the help of 15 friends, or purchased as a gift for someone for 25 Playfish Cash, while two other items, a Mon Petit Cheri Eau de Rose perfume bottle costs 3 Playfish Cash, and a Marie Antoinette Romantic Wig costs 8 Playfish Cash.

In the game’s clothing store, little girl pets can wear either a Blue or Pink Marie Antoinette Dress, complete with matching shoes. The Blue variety, including shoes, will set you back 700 coins (take note of the One Week Only sign associated with it), while the Pink Romantic version costs less, at 500 coins total.

Little boy pets, in the meantime, can also choose from two outfits – the first is a Blue Striped Shirt and French Beret combo, while the other is a regal Louis XIV Top, Pants, and Shoe combination, setting you back 800 coins in total.

The game’s D.I.Y. Shop contains Brown, Pink, and Gold versions of Versailles wallpaper and doors, in addition to a Garden Window for 700 coins. There are also two other candle-centric items to choose from, that don’t require any special building – a Versailles Chandelier for 400 coins, and a Blue Crystal Chandelier for 900 coins.

Finally, the game’s Food Store, specifically the Grocery section, offers a French Patisserie box for 300 coins. This serves as bait for the elusive Patisseriefish, which can be caught at the lake.

As you can see, this is a pretty extensive theme, with opportunities for you to spend lots of your hard earned coins. Remember to keep track of the One Week Only items, and head over to the game’s page to purchase them, while they are still available; that is, should they interest you. Happy shopping!

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