Take A Trip to Japan With New Pet Society Items

Tue, Sep 14, 2010

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Yesterday, the weekly release of new items hit the stores of Pet Society, with Playfish offering us “Japan Matsuri” week, a week filled with lovely Japanese goods for both your pet, and your pet’s home. Let’s take a look at the new items.

As usual, we start in the game’s Outdoor Shop, where we find two new items, one of which is a building project that can be completed with friends. The Cherry Tree Bonsai needs 15 friends to help and complete the project, with friends receiving coins in return for helping you. You can also purchase the tree outright for 20 Playfish Cash.

The other item in the Gardening section of the Outdoor Shop is the large Cherry Tree Picnic scene, which would be perfect in any outdoor area your pet may call home. It is available for 11 Playfish Cash. In the Furniture section, we find even more outdoor items, including a Gong, Monkey Thermal Bath (animated), a Temple Entrance, and even a Glow in the Dark Lantern, available for 1,000 coins. There are more items available in this particular store, so make sure to make it one of your first stops!

Moving onto the Furniture Store proper, we find another glow in the dark item, the Luminous Fish Japanese Lantern, for 600 coins. Under the Kitchen and Bathroom section, you’ll find a Steam Cooker, and a Matsuri Food Stand available for 250 and 5,000 coins, respectively.

In the Market, there is a Daruma Decoration available for 500 coins, along with a Kappa Plushie and Mask for 900 and 500 coins, respectively. You can even purchase a wall scroll telling of the Kappa’s significance for just 100 coins.

In the game’s Boutique, or Cash Shop, we see a Limited Edition bag filled with a 4-Piece Japanese Princess Outfit. There looks to be a dress, hair piece, shoes, and hair accessory item in the bag, but it won’t be available to purchase until later this week. When it becomes available, it will be available to purchase or gift to a friend for 24 Playfish Cash.

If you want some clothing that you pet can wear right now, you can find a few items in the game’s Clothing Store. For girl pets, there is a Romantic Hakama Outfit that will set you back 750 coins in total for the two pieces (outfit and shoes), while a 3-Piece Red Hakama outfit is available for 700 coins. Unfortunately, there are no new items for little boy pets.

The D.I.Y. Shop contains three types of Tatami Room Wallpapers and a Japanese Stone Wall, while the Windows & Doors section of the shop has two Japanese sliding doors, one brown and one gray, that contain a scene of traditional artwork. Finally, the Fixtures & Fittings sections contains one more glow in the dark item, a Paper Ceiling Lamp for 300 coins. There is also a Food Stand Sign that lights up available for 400 coins.

Last but not least, you can head to the Grocery Section of the Food Shop to find an Okonomiyaki Takeaway station, which allows you to buy three different kinds of okonomiyaki right from your home to feed to your pet – none of that pesky traveling to the Grocery Store business. The takeaway stand costs 2,000 coins, and afterward, the food items cost 100 coins each.

Be sure to head over to the game’s page soon to browse through the new items. Some will only be available for one week, so don’t miss your chance at outfitting your pet’s home in this new theme!

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