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Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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For the first time since the Hollywood theme, an additional real estate option has been added to the YoVille Realtor’s Office that fits in a currently available theme. In this case, not only can you purchase the expansive “Camp Yo” from the realtor’s office, but you can now also buy a large RV trailer that fits in the camping, and overall outdoor theme. In addition to this, the theme’s Bathroom items have also hit the game’s store.

Build A Home on Wheels With the YoVille RV

As we said, the newest property option in YoVille comes in the form of a large RV trailer, technically called the YoVille Campground.

This RV is a stationary building, meaning that while it does sit on wheels, as an RV tends to do, you won’t actually be able to drive the home anywhere. You can, however, purchase it while saving your YoCash, as the RV is available for 20,000 coins.

While the YoVille Campground may look like a traditional motor home from the outside, once you go indoors, you’ll see that it looks just like any other structure in the game. You enter into the Living Room, and from there can move into the lone bedroom or bathroom.

What makes the item interesting is what happens back outside the camper. While you enter through a basic grassy area (called the Front Yard), with the RV sitting off to one corner, you can venture to screens both to the left and right of the vehicle, with a Cliff, complete with rocky edging, and a River being off to the left (two separate screens – one for the Cliff and one for the River), and a Back Yard being off to the right. In this screen, you can see the other half of the RV, along with another grassy area to decorate.

With so many new screens to decorate, you’ll need to head over to the game’s furniture store and pick up some of the new Camp YoVille themed items which match in this decorative theme. Let’s take a look at what new items are available.

Decorate Your Bathroom in the Camp YoVille Theme

As has become clear by now, the latest set of furniture released in YoVille comes in the Camp YoVille Bathroom theme. In this area, users can browse through the Bathroom section’s 58 new items, with most items allowing you to mix and match the theme’s four different colors: red, tan, brown, and blue.

For YoCash or premium items, you can buy Bathtubs, Toilets, Showers, Counters with built-in sinks, standalone Sinks and Mirrors, while the traditional coin items are the Sconces, Toilet Mats, Bath Mats, Hand Towels, Bath Cabinets, and Medicine Cabinets. There are also new floor and wallpaper options available, along with doors that make the theme seem more authentic in your home, whether that home is the new RV or otherwise.

As this is the Bathroom set of items in the theme, if history has taught us anything, it can only be assumed that this is the last set of items we’ll see released in this theme before Zynga moves on to something else. That being the case, make sure to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to browse through and purchase any items that interest you.

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