Take a Minute to Kill Some Goddamned Aliens

Commander P. Jefferson isn’t a man we hear from terribly often, but that’s simply because the man has a very full schedule. When not killing aliens on handhelds, mobile devices, and tablets, the star of A Space Shooter from TriplePoint client Frima Studio is busy promising to kill aliens on browsers and social networks. Then, once that’s done, he has to make time to actually go and do that last thing, by finally appearing in A Space Shooter Blitz for Facebook, Android, and iOS.

I mean, it’s awfully cute how you were able to spend an entire minute killing goddamned aliens by playing the blitz-oriented version of his game. That’s great. Now, just spend the other 1439 minutes in your day killing aliens, and you’ll have some idea how hard Commander Jefferson works.

From the press release:

Challenge your friends to a hectic, retro-style “Bullet Hell” shoot ‘em up with Commander P. Jefferson at the helm of the mighty USS Eradicator. Make a quick stop at Jenna’s shop to gear up: pick from a series of cool power-ups and get ready to blast some aliens! In a crazy fast-paced one-minute blitz, shoot as many enemies as possible without getting hit to get your score rolling. Watch that multiplier index: the higher it goes, the more enemies there are, the harder the game gets, and the faster you rake in points. At the end of this survival challenge, take down a special boss in an epic battle to send your score through the roof!

So take a minute to help the guy out. You can do so right over here.

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