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Fri, May 14, 2010

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Do you have a few extra Facebook Credits that are just burning a hole in your virtual pocket? Are you an avid Happy Pets player that loves having all of the latest limited edition pets, but are becoming tired of spending the big bucks on purchasing them? CrowdStar has released a new item for users who answered yes to either (or both) questions.

The new Lucky Box will allow you to spend just 2 Facebook Credits to take a chance at finding something great inside (whether a pet or decorative item). Some of the items that we know are available are the previously released Iron Cat, and the new Catzilla, which we told you about earlier today.

While spending 2 Facebook Credits to receive a Catzilla would be a fantastic feat indeed (it normally costs 198 Facebook Credits), you’ll need to keep in mind that with this Lucky Box comes a fairly large catch – along with these great, otherwise expensive, limited edition items, the Lucky Box can also contain “consolation coin item prizes” (or so says the game’s Facebook fan page).

We’ve only tried our luck with the Lucky Box once, and can confirm that you can receive a Heart Window inside it, which is just one of the premium items, in addition to the two aforementioned cats that are available to receive. The Heart Window normally costs 20 Facebook Credits, so that’s a savings of $1.80 in a few clicks of the mouse.

Want to test your own luck in the game? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase one of these Lucky Boxes for yourself, and let us know what you receive inside!

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  • Happy Pets User 001

    I Play Happy Pets And I have Got Loads Of Lucky Boxes,What Other Animals Can You Get Inside Them??

  • Kaitlandwaind

    I got a CATZILLA, brown turtle, yellow duck, heater guinea pig, cream ferret, griffin dog, Window parrot, GREY TIGER SIAMESE CAT, blue leopard cat. I got a iron cat before it became available for 6 dollars so i have 2 so that's 12 dollars worth of limited addition cats!!
    Catzilla's aren't even available anymore! so I have like 40 dollars worth of pets.(counting catzilla) I have other pets that I got but they were regular pets that you unlock at level 25.
    they are amazing boxes the website is getting ripped off!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001114688729 LeighAnna Jones

    I got an iron cat! No LIE! Look at my happy pets photos on facebook!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002406670097 Georgia Perry

    I got a catzilla a pink turtle and a duck b4 :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/zain.biaisa Zain Biaisa

    For lucky boxes so far I’ve aquired, 1Big red Dog, 1Black and white Hound and tan and White Hound, 1 grey bunny,1 Hot pink pig,1 brown ferret,1 Iron cat, 3 delux scratching posts, 2 tables, 5 cat food bowls of diffrent veriaty, several plants, several pet beds. ect