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Tue, Feb 23, 2010

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Café.com’s Absolute Solitaire app on Facebook has around 165,000 active users, according to Inside Social Games.

Inside Social Games recently took a full look at the title, and revealed that the overall gameplay is a basic take on the classic game – you still follow the alternating red and black, numerical pattern, and you’re still trying to organize the four suits from A to K. What makes the game interesting is in its inclusion of additional features.

You can find upgrades that will allow you to flip the position of two cards (say, if you are ready to play the 3 of spades on the top deck, but it’s currently covered by the two of hearts), reveal three hidden cards, create a “free cell” space that will allow you to remove a card from play, and more.

Being that the game is on Facebook, it isn’t without its social features either. Your games are timed, and scores are rewarded or taken away based on how few moves you make to complete the game, or how many times you have to reshuffle the draw deck, respectively, with your best scores and times going into overall leaderboards. You can then challenge your friends to add the app and try to beat your best times.

Your progress is represented by an avatar that changes as you level up via continuous play, and it’s in this way that you can show off your solitaire mastery to your friends, by allowing them to see a visual representation of the high level that you have achieved.

To join one of the 165,000 users already playing Absolute Solitaire, head over to the game’s page to get started.

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