CrowdStar Launches Pop Boom on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

While CrowdStar may be famous for Facebook games like Happy Pets, Happy Island, and Happy Aquarium, they aren’t content with simply resting on those games, as they have expanded their catalogue yet again, this time with a puzzle game in the same vein as PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz, called Pop Boom.

Pop Boom is a unique take on the match three genre, that gives you 60 seconds to earn as many points as possible by popping bubbles. Gameplay is quite simple. You’ll be able to stare at your game board for as long as you’d like, to formulate a plan, and can then click on any bubble on the screen to begin the countdown from 60 seconds.

The bubble that you click on will be picked up from the game board, and can then be carried around (simply move your mouse around the screen) and dropped anywhere on the board that you’d like. This will swap the bubble you’re holding with the bubble you click on. The goal, then, would be to click on a bubble and then drop it next to two more bubbles of the same color, to create a match of three or more like-colored bubbles, thus making them explode, giving you points.


Combos are created as bubbles move from the bottom of the screen towards the top to fill in the empty spaces created by explosions, and as you perform well, bomb bubbles appear at random that can be destroyed in the same way as a normal bubble, causing an explosion that takes out surrounding orbs. If the explosion happens to expand and hit a surrounding bomb, it too will explode, causing a ripple effect that can greatly increase your score.

Additionally, if you create a cross with your bubbles, or any match that includes bubbles going in both the horizontal and vertical directions, you’ll take out the entire row and column at the same time, regardless of whether or not all bubbles in that column or row matched.

After your 60 seconds are up, you’ll earn a certain amount of in-game coins, based on your score. These coins can be used to purchase two kinds of power-ups, including ones that make more bombs appear at the start of the game, or add five additional seconds to your clock, giving you 65 seconds in a game, rather than 60.

Your top score will be shown on a leaderboard on the right-hand side of the screen, which shows your progress against friends that have also played the app. You can click on any friends’ picture to challenge them to beat your score personally, or you can also publish a challenge item to your wall, offering an open challenge for all friends to play the game with you.

If you’d like to give Pop Boom a chance, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Or, if you’d like to see the game in action, make sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see the game’s unique twist on traditional match-three gameplay in action.

Get Some Ink With Tattoo City on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

If the idea of running a clothing store, or a pet spa are just two bland for you, how does the idea of running a Tattoo Parlor sound to you? You can do just that in Wonderhill’s Tattoo City on Facebook.

The goal of the game is simple – create the biggest and best tattoo parlor in existence by tattooing your customers and earning money. The game requires more actual interaction on your part than other Facebook games, as you’ll earn money by taking “shifts,” which are active periods when your Tattoo Parlor is open.

You’ll be able to serve the customers who come in by deciphering their wants (very simplistic riddles of sorts), and choosing a tattoo pattern that matches their desires. For a couple of examples, someone might ask for a tattoo that is “red and yellow, on my arm,” and you would then look for a design that contained both yellow and red. Click on the design and you’re shown a particular area of the body, with arrows allowing you to choose different body parts. In this example, you would obviously choose the picture of the arm.


Once the choice has been made, your avatar goes to work at tattooing the customer, with the job being done in a matter of seconds. You’ll gain coins and experience points for a job well done, and more customers will line up to be served next. If you take too long in making a decision, waiting customers can become impatient and leave the shop.

After each shift, you have a few options for gameplay. You can either start another shift immediately, or you can go about spending your newly earned coins by redecorating the parlor or customizing your avatar. Your parlor can be upgraded with different flooring, different wallpaper options, more tattoo chairs, new windows, doors, and accessory items – mostly everything about the tattoo parlor can be changed to fit your own tastes.

In addition, your avatar can be customized with various skin and hair colors (including the outlandish like pink or purple – this is a tattoo parlor after all), different eyes, mouths, hairstyles and of course clothing itself.

As you earn funds, you can expand your shop to hold more decorations, thereby allowing you to add more decorations, and eventually tattoo chairs, allowing you to serve more customers at once.

The game is currently in the beta stages, and isn’t without a few glitches, but if you’d like to try this unique simulation game out, head over to the game’s page on Facebook. Before you go, check out our video hands-on of the game to see exactly what to expect should you give this game a chance.

Metoer Games Has Launched Ranch Town on Facebook

Meteor Games has launched their newest game on Facebook entitled Ranch Town. For those who are familiar with Country Story and other farming games, you’ll be able to jump in here just fine, which is good, as the game (as of this writing) contains no tutorial. You’re simply thrown into your farm, sans avatar (this is only temporary), and are allowed to “play overlord” on your ranch full of starter alfalfa plants, a tree and a cow.

The comparison to Country Story comes from the first second you play the game, as both share the same vertical presentation, the same feed troughs in front of stationary animals, and the same system of barriers separating your plot of land from the wilderness (although here it’s a series of rocks, whereas in Country Story, it’s trees).


As you harvest crops, they go into storage, rather than being immediately sold. You’ll use plants like the Alfalfa to feed your starter cow, which requires three alfalfa to reach a “full” status. Cows produce milk when fed, with it taking but a matter of seconds for your cow to produce its first amount. If you don’t click on the cow after the first jug has been produced, it will continue to make a second and third jug of milk, all the while eating the alfalfa in its trough, which can be replenished for just a few more clicks.

You can check on your stored items at any time by clicking on the “Storage” icon from the row of buttons that rest at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can sell items individually, or click on the “Sell all” button to sell off everything at once.

What makes the game different is its inclusion of machines, like a Butter Maker, which turns your collected milk into butter. Further machines like the Juice Machine, Windmill and so on, are unlocked as you level up, but still must be purchased and added to your ranch before they can be used.

Speaking with IGN, Meteor Games’ president Donna Powell confirmed that as the game grows, more features will be added, like decorative items to give your ranch that western flair, and entirely new gameplay elements like mining for ores, panning for gold, fishing, and more, all in an effort to make the game stand out from similar farming games.

For now, the game is incredibly minimalistic, with only the most basic of features being available right now. However, if the future plans for this game sound interesting to you, it would be smart to jump into the game now, in an effort to level up in anticipation of the launch of the new features. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook if you’d like to try it out.