FreeAppADay for 09/28/10: 100 Nazi Scalps

Today’s free iPhone app at is 100 Nazi Scalps, from MYW Productions and Apalon.

You’ll play as a soldier in World War II, who, along with your squad, was sent to Paris with one goal in mind – kill Nazis. However, on the way your plane is shot down, and you must fight your way through various missions to not only escape, but also claim victory against your enemies.

The game is played from a side-scrolling perspective, with five levels to complete, each with their own mission. There are several different weapons to choose from, including a knife and a bat that can be used to claim scalps. Other weapons include a Shotgun, Flamethrower, Bazooka, and Grenade.

The game keeps track of your kill rate and your collected number of scalps, with OpenFeint integration allowing you to show off your stats online.

If you can make it to the end of the game, you’ll face a boss battle and a massive army of Nazis, but before you can fight them, you’ll first need to download the game – make sure you do so while it’s free today.

FreeAppADay for 07/29/10: Tappi Adventures

Today’s free iPhone app at is Tappi Adventures, from Grabarchuk Puzzles.

The game is a tile sorting puzzle game that sees a brightly colored picture broken into an assortment of rectangular tiles. These tiles have been “jumbled,” and you’ll need to tap on them to put the original picture back together. This is achieved by swapping the positions of two tiles, by using two fingers to tap on the tiles you’d like to switch at the same time.

The game contains 108 puzzles, which can be solved in a matter of seconds on the normal difficulty level (there are multiple difficulty settings to choose from). The puzzles are spread throughout nine themes, including Vacation, Camping, “In Love,” and more.

The game contains a guest player option if you’d like to have your real-world friends join you in solving the puzzles, or, if you get stuck, you can take advantage of a hint system to help you out.

Technically, the game has already been updated for iOS4, allowing for multitasking and taking advantage of the iPhone 4 Retina Display, if that’s important in your decision as to whether or not to download the game.

Make sure to download Tappi Adventures while the game is free today.