Survey Statistics Suggest E-Readers and Tablets May Go Mainstream

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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A survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows the growing interest in e-readers and tablets.

Out of the nearly 13,000 people surveyed in 14 countries, 49% said that they plan to purchase within the next 3 years. 28% claimed to buy within the year.

Consumers are more willing to buy multi-purpose devices rather than purchasing a device solely devoted to one purpose (e.g., the Kindle). An iPad is more likely to satisfy these customers. However, the starting price of the iPad may be too much for these prospective buyers. In America, most are only willing to spend up to $200 for an e-reader or tablet.

The statistics imply the rest. At 49% potential purchasers, we can see that tablets and e-readers aren’t just for the tech-savvy anymore. What used to be considered esoteric products are making their way into the hands of the masses. These statistics aren’t just numbers. They are portents of what is to come to the ever-changing face of mainstream technology.

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