Super Bowl Marketing Makes a Pass at Facebook

Fri, Feb 5, 2010

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Inside Facebook recently took a look at the numerous companies who have decided to cut back on (or eliminate entirely) Super Bowl television ad-time in favor of tackling the publicity possibilities of Facebook.

Three prime examples of this new trend come in the form of Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Co.

Budweiser and Coca-Cola have still purchased ad-time during the big game, but Pepsi-Co has chosen not spend $3 million for a 30 second commercial during the game, and has instead adopted a charity project called Refresh Everything.

The Refresh Everything project aims to better communities by allowing individuals, as well as other businesses and non-profit organizations, to submit potential plans-of-action to the project’s website. Interested users can then log on to the project’s Facebook page and watch videos related to these plans and vote for their favorites.

Each vote does count, as by the end of the project, Pepsi-Co will have given out over $20 million in grants to the creators of the best ideas, so that they can make their goals a reality.

However, while the Pepsi name may be missing from this year’s big game, Doritos (owned by Frito-Lay, which is a division of Pepsi-Co) will not be. While you’ll still see Doritos commercials during the game, which commercials you’ll be seeing is up to fans.

Six fan created videos are available to view via the Doritos Facebook page. By viewing the commercials and then voting on your favorites, you’ll help the company choose which three will air during the game. There’s some added incentive with the Doritos campaign, as the company is giving away Super Bowl tickets to some lucky voters.

Budweiser’s plan was a similar one, that asked fans to view commercials on Facebook and vote for their favorites in order to choose which will air during the Super Bowl. Like most other apps, after voting for their favorite commercial, users could publish their choice to your news feed, thereby inviting their friends to do the same.

Finally, Coca-Cola seems to be aiming for a “best of both worlds” scenario, by combining elements found in both Budweiser and Pepsi-Co’s campaigns. Coca-Cola’s Live Positively project lives on the company’s Facebook fan page, and allows users to send their friends virtual gifts of Coke products, publish those items to their news feed, and earn sneak-peaks at the company’s Super Bowl commercials. For every virtual gift that’s sent, Coca-Cola will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Club.

If you are interested in any of these projects, be sure to logon to their respective Facebook pages while you still can – the game is this Sunday, after all.

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