Subterfuge Crates Now Available in Mafia Wars

Fri, May 7, 2010

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A new crate type has been released in Mafia Wars, with Zynga announcing the launch of Subterfuge Crates via the game’s fan page on Facebook.

The Subterfuge Crates are available in the same setup as other crates in the game, and can be purchased either one at a time, or in groups of three. A single Subterfuge Crate costs 12 Reward Points, and the trio costs 35, for a savings of a single Reward Point when buying in bulk.

Either way, you have a 10% chance of receiving a Rare item from your crate, a 30% chance of finding something Uncommon and a 60% chance of finding a Common item. Some of the items you might find within are Con Men, Poison-Filled Rings, or even Fake IDs.

What did you receive inside your Subterfuge Crate? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear if you thought it was worth it!

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  • bradfroe

    I got a poison filled ring
    32 attack, 17 defense

    A big waste, basically.