StuffBuff Introduces New Social Bidding System to the Masses

Wed, Feb 17, 2010

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If you’re looking for an online auction service that combines the worlds of item auctioning and social networking, look no further than StuffBuff, a new website offering a social bidding system.

According to TechCrunch, StuffBuff is, first and foremost, your basic auction website. Aside from allowing you to sell off old clothes or an attic full of baseball cards, as examples, the site implements embeddable auctions that you can place on your Facebook, Buzz, or Twitter pages.

Two additional features, LiveHaggle and Blink! offer more variety to the site, with a company press release providing everything you need to know about both:

• LiveHaggle – This “first of its kind” chat-based auction system was
developed using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, and enables members to
engage in real time chat with sellers and other bidders across any Web
site or blog, while committing to bids in the conversation.
• Blink! – An addictive twist on Dutch-style auctions, this tool asks
users, “How long can you hold out?” Items are presented for sale at a
starting price that drops throughout the course of the auction, the more
auction participants the faster the price falls. The first bidder takes
home the product.

It’s interesting to see that the reach of Facebook has extended even to online auctioning; and it will be even more interesting to see how auctioning juggernaut Ebay responds to the move towards increased social interaction within these sites. For now though, head over to StuffBuff’s website to check out the company’s sample auction – a PS3, which is really for sale; all proceeds go to charity.

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