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Wed, Jun 26, 2013

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Being in phone limbo is a terrifying prospect: caught in a never-ending loop of automated response menus, waiting on hold with only one terrible song playing over and over again, waiting for human contact that never comes. Well, now being in limbo on your phone just got a lot scarier, but in a supremely excellent way: LIMBO, the haunting puzzle-platformer from Playdead (a TriplePoint client), is coming to iOS in a week. In a short and sweet press release, they tell us:

We are proud to announce that a dedicated team here at Playdead has now completed LIMBO for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch…

We have worked very hard to bring LIMBO to as many devices as possible; rethinking the controls and performing extensive optimizations to ensure an amazing touch-based experience across iPad 2 (and higher), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (and higher) and the latest generation of iPod Touch.

LIMBO will be available worldwide on the App Store Wednesday, July 3rd, in your timezone, at $4.99.

Now that giant !(@^$!! spider can follow you everywhere you go. You’re welcome.

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