Stratosphere in Social City; Water Slide in Tiki Resort – Playdom Gaming Updates!

Wed, Aug 4, 2010

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Two of Playdom’s Facebook games have received updates recently, with Social City offering new limited edition buildings via the in-game Newspaper, and Tiki Resort offering new attractions, ready, willing, and able to please your tourists (and help you bring in the virtual cash, of course).

Social City Limited Edition Buildings: Commerzbank Tower & Stratosphere

The quintet of buildings available in the Social City Newspaper has changed yet again, offering two new buildings, one of which you might recognize. But first, we’ll take a look at the Commerzbank Tower, which is available to purchase for 39 City Bucks. It is a Leisure item, adding 50,000 Happiness Points to your town, and you’ll also receive 441 experience points for initially purchasing the building.

As for the recognizable structure, does the Stratosphere sound familiar? That’s right – you can now build the massive structure in your town for the price of 39 City Bucks. It comes complete with two rides perched atop its tall tower, and as a Leisure item, it adds 48,000 Happiness Points to your town. Interestingly, it offers the same experience point bonus s the Commerzbank Tower, at 441 points.

Both of these buildings are available in quantities of at least 5,400, so while they shouldn’t sell out too rapidly, make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase the ones that interest you.

Slide Down A Water Slide in Tiki Resort

There are three new attractions to add to your islands in Tiki Resort. All three are limited edition items, meaning that you’ll need to purchase them before their quantity of availability in the store runs out, rather than being timed on a specific time limit.

The first attraction is the Belly Buddha, available for 280 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $28 US. There are only a little over 4,000 of these left to go around.

Next is the Slippery Slide, which is a much cheaper item, costing just 39 Facebook Credits, or $3.90. It is the newest of the three attractions, so it is available to the most users, with a whopping 14,000+ being available as of this writing.

Finally, the Emporer’s Theater is the most limited of the new attractions, with only a little over 1,100 left to go around. It can be purchased for 149 Facebook Credits, or $14.90.

Make sure to head over to the game’s page to purchase any of these attractions before they sell out.

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