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Tue, Sep 21, 2010

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With all of the decorative items (both those that are purchased from the store and won from digging), lost animals and (especially recently) new building objects being available in Treasure Isle, it can be pretty easy to find your Home Island overflowing with items – crowded and disorganized with no signs of relief! That all has changed now, however, as the newest object in the game adds storage to the game for the first time. In addition to this, new Japanese items are now available with which to decorate the newly cleared out areas of your island.

Davy Jones’ Locker Adds Storage to Your Island

It’s time for a bit of a celebration in Treasure Isle, as Zynga has given every user a free turtle, complete with Davy Jones’ Locker strapped to its back. You’ll be able to place this turtle immediately the next time you login, or store it in your backpack for future use.

Once you place the Davy Jones’ Locker item, you’ll see that it is a ready-made storage building, no extra construction of collection of tools required. However, to start, the locker will only hold 5 items.

If you want it to hold more, you’ll have to “Recruit Friends” to help guard the items inside. This is done by simply sending them a request much like you would a gift request. Unfortunately, the game lists all of your friends in one long list, rather than separating them into groups of people that don’t play the game, and those that do, like under other circumstances.

It appears that for each friend that helps you, you receive 5 extra spaces of inventory, as we received three helpers, and went from 5 spaces of inventory to 20.

Conversely, you can also expand your locker’s capacity by paying 20 Island Cash. This will also earn you five additional storage slots. Luckily, as the storage locker expands, you’ll be more easily able to navigate it by using the tabs across the top that filter the items based on their type – whether they be decorative, trees, or animals.

With the addition of the Storage Locker, expanding your island now isn’t as large of a necessity as it once was, so be sure to start using it soon to unbury yourself from the clutter!

Japanese Items Now Available in the Store!

Now that you’ve cleared your island and stored away unwanted goodies in your Storage Locker, you can refill some of that empty space with the new Japanese items that have been released in the game’s store.

There is a large concentration of trees with this new update, along with some architectural items like a Painter Shack, a Tall Stone Lantern, a Sushi Bar, and Shrine, among others.

These items come in both Island Cash and coin varieties, with one Shrine related item being available for 2,000 coins, while the rest cost Island Cash. As for the trees, you can add the colors of fall and the touch of Japan to your island mostly for coins, with the one exception being the Big Cypress Tree, which costs 12 Island Cash.

With these items being so cheap, you can afford to add quite a bit of a Japanese effect to your island. Head over to Treasure Isle on Facebook to do so!

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