Still Having iPad WiFi Trouble? Help is on the Way!

Wed, Apr 21, 2010

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The most common problem seen concerning the iPad is easily the WiFi reception issue. Those with the issue have reported either very poor reception or dropped signals altogether. Blogger James Kendrick has seen the issues and has reported on ways that could possibly help those ailing users.

Kendrick points out that messing with the security settings could help things greatly. First, he mentioned that his Sprint Overdrive was having similar issues until he changed the security settings and got it fixed. The change involved switching the signal security from WEP to WPA2. Most modern wireless routers support that setting so it’s nothing to worry about really.

The next solution might sound crazy, but Kendrick swears it works. He suggests simply setting the iPad on your lap instead of holding it with your hands on the side of the device. Kendrick claims that signal strength saw a 50% increase with the iPad just sitting in his lap.

Whether or not these work, I’m not sure but I’d love to hear from some of those savvy iPad owners in the comments.

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  • rpmcestmoi

    Salt thrown over you left shoulder works, too.
    I hope this is not a paying gig.

  • Kate Hancock

    Ouch! We're just trying to help here. I'm guessing these methods didn't work for you? Do you have any other suggestions for iPad owners in need of stronger signals?

  • rpmcestmoi

    Does Apple have a suggestion or fix or do you not talk with them, only to iPad lapholders?
    Harsh? Yes. But if you dress up like a doctor one expects to receive real medical attention.