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Thu, Aug 19, 2010

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Back in May, we were told that underground storage would be coming to FarmVille in the future, and that time is now, as all users have been given a free Storage Cellar, that can be placed on less land than it takes for a single plot of a crop.

The underground storage feature combines aspects from previous features in the game, like the Tuscan Wedding event, in that you’ll not only be able to create more storage space for items on your farm, but you’ll be able to unlock five special rewards in the process.

Underground storage has a fairly simple setup – you’ll simply need to collect shovels and dig your way further and further underground, until you have collected the maximum of 500 shovels. Each shovel you receive equates to one more storage slot. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until you reach the last shovel before you can start using the storage, as it updates instantly. That is, on your very first shovel “used” from your gift box, you’ll instantly gain one more storage slot.

You’ll be able to earn shovels in a variety of ways. First, you’ll want to post a general plea for help on your wall as soon as you begin building your underground storage cellar, asking your friends for help (they would click on a “Send Shovels” link, as seen below).

Next, you can click on the “Ask for Shovels” button from within the Storage Cellar to be taken to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, where instead of sending your friends a free item in the game, you’ll be able to send them a gift request asking them to send you a shovel.

Also returning is a feature we haven’t seen since the Spring, which allows you to receive a free gift in return, if you choose to accept such requests sent to you by your friends. After you send a shovel, you’ll be able to choose from five rewards, a Small Can of Fuel, a Mystery Gift, 20 Experience Points, 1,000 coins, or 2 Shovels.

If you would like to pass out some shovels yourself, you can do so from the game’s free gifts page, two shovels at a time.

Finally, you can purchase shovels at a rate of 10 shovels for 5 Farm Cash. This is actually a fairly cheap price, when considering how useful underground storage actually is.

What makes this event like the Tuscan Wedding (or most of the previous holiday celebration events) is the fact that as you go, you can earn five different rewards as you reach different milestones in your cellar. However, before you panic, each shovel that you use is a permanent addition to your storage – to earn these prizes, you aren’t turning in shovels in exchange for them, but instead, you’re trading in “points,” with each shovel that you use corresponding to a single point in your total.

The first prize is the Mole, and it can be earned at the 20 point level. For 40 points, you can earn a Crystal Rock decoration, while 60 points earns you the Miner Sheep. 120 points corresponds to the Cave Gnome (trapped in ice), and the 200 point level earns you the top prize, the Antique Tractor.

As you reach certain milestones in the cellar’s construction (like 10 shovels, for example), you’ll be able to post free shovels on your wall as a news item for your friends to claim.

This is an exciting new feature in the game, that has apparently already been rolled out to all users, so be on the lookout for an introductory pop-up, and for your underground storage cellar to appear in your gift box so that you can start building your own cellar in the game. Head over to the FarmVille game page to get started on building yours!

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