Square Enix Announces New WiiWare Game

Sun, Jun 6, 2010

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Earlier this week, Square Enix announced that they have a new WiiWare game on the way. Or wait, maybe it’s two WiiWare games…we’re not quite sure. The new game(s) is titled Kumanage, and is slated for release in Japan on June 8th for 1,000 Wii points. There are two versions of the game, but whether this means that the game has two modes or is really two separate games is as yet unclear.

The blue version, or Kumanage: The Blue Gem that Kiina Hates – Battle Version, stars a little boy. The red version, or Kumanage: The Red Candy that Piina Likes – Puzzle Version stars a little girl. Both games share a core mechanic: to interact with things in the world, you have to throw paper bears at objects. In the blue version, you will be battling enemies to protect your blue gem. In the red version, you will be throwing bears to collect red candy.

A teaser website has been opened solely in Japanese, but sporting an ESRB rating which implies that at some point the games will make it over to North America.

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