Spruce Up Your Island With New Happy Island Items

Fri, Jun 18, 2010

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To add a little more variety to your plant selection in Happy Island, CrowdStar has added some new plants to help you landscape your island. There are five new items in total located in the Featured section of the Island Shop.

Not enough purple on your island? Now you can purchase the Lavender bush, unlocked at level 3, for 700 coins. The bush is in full bloom, weighed down by purple and violet blossoms. Feeling like you need a bit more of a rural feel? The Rice Paddy might help with its plot of mud, water, and rice plants. The Paddy is available at level 4 for 950 coins.

If you miss spring already, there are two new tulips available. The Crimosn Tulip and the Golden Tulip both unlock at level 8 and sell for 1,000 coins. And if you’re feeling a little risky you can pick up the Giant Venus Flytrap for 15,000 coins. Hopefully your visitors don’t scare easily. Start redecorating your island here and be the first of your friends to have a man eating plant.

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