Sprinkle Islands Now Available on Continents Everywhere

Thu, Jul 11, 2013

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Forgive me for gushing, but when this deluge of news flows my way, I’ve just got to pour it out on the page: Sprinkle Islands, the new firefighting sequel from Mediocre (a TriplePoint client), is out today on iOS and Android. We let out a few drops of info last month, but now the entire game is streaming off the servers, and we’re just flooded with enthusiasm. Sprinkle Islands is $1.99, and according to the press release, it includes:

  • Four distinct island environments with a total of 48 levels for hours of challenging entertainment.
  • A fire truck on the move for longer, more dynamic puzzles and complex obstructions.
  • Dramatic aquatic boss battles at the end of each island are a Sprinkle first!
  • The return of amazing water physics! The original Sprinkle set a new standard for water in mobile games. Sprinkle Islands improves on that with endless oceans, pools and floating objects.
  • Refined, simplified touch mechanics to give players better control of the water cannon’s stream.

You can get it on iOS here, and Android here.

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