SPP Ranch Introduces Super Vitamin Feature

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

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It’s been a big week for Slide, the developers behind the up-and-coming animal raising sim SPP Ranch. First, the developer added new St. Patrick’s Day gifts to the game, and then released a slew of Ancient Egyptian items for use in decorating one’s ranch. Now, there’s a new feature in the game, in the form of Super Vitamins.

Super Vitamins can only be used on your neighbors’ animals, by visiting their ranches, in much the same way as you would fertilize a neighbor’s crops in FarmVille, as an example.

The vitamins make the animal worth more coins when it comes time to set them free, so, while not necessary to the animal’s overall growth process, I’m sure your friends (if you are lucky enough to have any playing the game) will appreciate the small boost in coins you will have provided them by helping out.

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