SPP Ranch Goes to the Carnival With New Items

Wed, Mar 31, 2010

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Another week, another new item theme in Slide’s SPP Ranch. This week, we’re taken to the Carnival, with new amusement park themed items that may be too cute to bare.

There are 27 new items available to purchase in the store, ranging from simple walking paths for 75 coins each, to food stalls (ice cream, hot dog), midway games (ball toss and archery), to full carnival rides like a pirate ship or Ferris wheel.

As usual, most of the items here are available for regular silver coins, with the most expensive item being the aforementioned pirate ship, which goes for 7500 coins. There are some Gold-only items, however, and unfortunately, if you’d like to get your virtual hands on some of the theme’s most extravagant items, like the animated Ferris wheel or bouncy castle, that’s the form of currency you’ll have to spend (these items go for anywhere from 7 to 50 Gold).

Luckily, even users with little to no coins can get in on the carnival fun, by sending one of five new free gifts to their SPP Ranch neighbors. The gifts come in the form of small midway games, like an apple bobbing game, or a “knock-em-down” game, and in the form of small accessory items like a bucket of popcorn or rocking horse.

Remember: SPP Ranch items (aside from free gifts) are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t wait too long to head over to the game’s page to start shopping for these items, or you might miss out!

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