Spinach/Squash Crops, Special Delivery Boxes & More – FarmVille Updates!

Fri, Aug 27, 2010

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Amidst the excitement of the new Pigpen feature, it might be easy to miss the other updates that have launched in FarmVille this week, namely, the addition of two new permanent crops (one of which has a crop mastery requirement), and the launch of Special Delivery Boxes, which should help users complete building projects, or add to those features that were recently released, like Garages or Hives.

New Permanent Crops: Spinach, Carnival Squash

In terms of the two newest crops, the Spinach is available to very low level players, while Carnival Squash is as the other end of the spectrum.

Spinach can be grown by users level 6 and above. It can be grown for just 35 coins per square, and grows in a time of 14 hours. You earn two experience points for each square of the Spinach that you plant. You’ll then harvest the spinach to receive 95 coins per square. As Spinach is a permanent addition to the store, it can be mastered, with the first level of mastery available after harvesting 300 units of the crop, or 150 with an activated Spinach bushel (which, remember, gives off 2x mastery when active).

The other new crop is the Carnival Squash, available to players level 63 and above. Once you reach level 63, though, you still won’t be able to grow the crop unless you have also mastered the Pattypan Squash crop. Once you’ve reached that level, and have mastered Pattypan Squash, you can grow the Carnival Squash for 355 coins per square. You’ll earn a single experience point for planting the Squash, which then grows for eight hours. After it is ready to harvest, you can do so to receive 435 coins per square. Carnival Squash can be mastered, with the first level of mastery coming at 2,000 harvests.

Send Special Delivery Boxes to Your Friends!

We recently told you of the new ability to send Mystery Boxes to your recently active neighbors, but Zynga has tweaked that feature this week, replacing the Mystery Gifts (just in this feature, not as a whole in the game) with Special Delivery Boxes.

These boxes are sent to users just as you would send a free gift – simply choose the recently active neighbors that you would like to send them to after clicking on the numbered photo located in the top left corner of the screen, which shows you the list of neighbors.

Once you friend receives the box (they’ll accept it just as they would a normal gift request), it will go into their gift box, as seen below.

The Special Delivery Box is opened instantly upon hitting the “Use” button in your gift box. These boxes contain items like building parts, collection items and more (including Honeybees, as seen below), all depending on the items each friend needs to accomplish a task in the game.

Four FarmVille.com Gifts Now Available

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the Free Gifts page updated with new items, and even longer since we’ve seen those items fall into the FarmVille.com Exclusive category. That all changes this week, however, with the release of four new items that can only be accessed by taking a trip to FarmVille.com.

The items are the Blue Bench, Tropical Planter, Cement Planter, and Arjuna Tree. Remember, these items can be sent to your friends from FarmVille.com only, but once you send them to a friend on Facebook, they can send them back to you via their gift request, by utilizing the “send a gift back” feature upon accepting the gift.

To see these updates in action, head over to the game’s page on Faccebook.

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