Spin the Wheel in Prize-O-Rama – A Frisky Hands-On

Mon, Aug 9, 2010

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If you’ve ever wanted to experience the fun of a Las Vegas slot machine without the fear of losing your life’s savings, then Blue Noodle’s Prize-O-Rama just might the Facebook game for you.

Not your typical Facebook game by any stretch of the imagination, Prize-O-Rama isn’t a simulation, it’s not a tycoon, but what it is is a uniquely themed combination of a slot machine and mini-games, utilizing all things from pop culture for trivia, to your friends’ status updates to test how observant you are.

Prize-O-Rama works on a spin-based system. You’ll start out with a limited number of spins, and the spin meter will refill over time allowing you to keep playing (you can also watch 30 second ads for 5 spins each). Spinning the wheel will result in one of a variety of different outcomes. The most basic outcome is the matching of fruit pieces, which rewards you with varying amounts of coins. If you land on a Cherry, it’s an automatic 25 coins, while other situations rely on multiple fruits coming up on the wheel at once.

If your spin results in a “Game Blast,” you’ll take part in one or more mini-games, depending on the quantity of game blast symbols and the particular symbols themselves. The mini-games are fairly basic representations of classic games – a bubble popping game that sees you launching bubbles towards the top of the screen to destroy others, a game of focus asking you to keep track of a pearl in a shell that is shuffled amongst other shells, and so on. The game below is one that asks you to inject antibiotics into the patient to kill the germs within a time limit.

Other results of spins can be trivia based, and will send you into a short round of multiple-choice trivia, which contains either real world trivia focused on pop culture or general knowledge information, in addition to the occasional inclusion of a friends’ Facebook status. In these cases, the status will appear, and four of your friends’ names will be the answers, and you’ll have to use what you know about your friends to help you decide who updated with that particular status.

As you perform well in the games, you’ll be rewarded with the missing pieces to postcards of various geographical locations, like Paris, Tokyo, Morocco and San Francisco, among many others. If you’d rather not wait for the pieces to be given to you randomly after mini-games, you can also purchase them with your accumulated coins.

Prize-O-Rama’s user base doubled in size over the last weekend alone. If you’d like to see why so many Facebook users are jumping into the game, head over to the game’s page to give the wheel a spin. Before you go though, make sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the game below to see what to expect should you choose to play it with us.

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  • Thilton2001

    i like the game but wish the darn thing would load more than one of ten tries

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1833785508 Joyce Ann Taylor

    why can’t I load prize-o-rama anymore?

  • Angela Nevius

    So I am unable to find Prize-O-Rama – no matter where I look, no matter what link I follow I can’t seem to find it?? Does anyone have an idea where I can find the game and actually be able to play it – cause all that comes up is a ton of reviews. It seems that it has been removed from Facebook :( so what can we do to get it back?????? I’m not the only one that loves this game and wants it to come back ~ there are tons & tons of people who also want the game to come back as well!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK PRIZE-O-RAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nydia jimenez


  • nydia jimenez