Spill da Milk, But Don’t Cry Over It

Wed, Apr 28, 2010

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Spill da Milk is an iPhone title that will seem instantly familiar to anyone who has been to a fair, amusement park or even local school carnival. It’s based on a midway game that sees you throwing a ball, in this case a baseball, at a stack of milk bottles, which rest atop a barrel.

This version of the game contains two gameplay modes. The first is Quickplay, which gives you an unlimited supply of baseballs with which to try and knock down as many bottles as you can within a set time limit. If you knock down a whole stack, you’ll receive bonus points. The other mode is Progressive Play, which sees you going up against stacks of six bottles. There are bonus bottles to knock down as well, if you’re up to it (you’ll know them from their varying colors).

Based on your score, you’ll earn prizes which are stored in your in-game Prize Booth, which can be thought of like a Trophy Room where you’ll proudly display your achievements. What’s more, you can also take your high score and post it to the local and global leaderboards, to gain even more renown for your excellent ball-tossing capabilities.

Does this sound like fun to you? I have great news for you then, as the Appera is reporting that the game is now being offered as a free download from the developer, Skyworks Interactive. The game’s picture in the iTunes App Store makes it seem like this is only a limited time offer, as it is shown as being “on sale,” rather than a permanent change to a free price point. That being the case, make sure you head over to iTunes if you’d like to download a copy of the game for yourself. Spill Da' Milk?

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