SPIL Games Launches HTML5 Web Sites

Thu, Sep 2, 2010

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A few days ago, SPIL Games announced support for HTML5 and debuted the technology by launching mobile enhanced version of their websites that frequently receive 130 million unique visitors per month. This essentially means that these consumers will be able to enjoy these sites no matter where they happen to be or which mobile platform they are using.

As you probably already know, mobile gaming is as important now as it ever was, with so many new devices either running iOS or Android are now out t here in the world. Not only does this give the consumer choice, but it also divides developers up when they must learn new coding systems and protocols that tend to be vastly different for each platform. HTML5 however, is universal and will run on many different mobile platforms without any additional modification needed on the development end. This means you could create one game with one set of code and deploy it for PC, iPad, iPhone and Android all at once and at the same time.

This also means that games will be available without the need to download the app first. You would just simply launch the browser and click on which game you’d like to play, much like how Facebook games are handled today.

One more thing: SPIL Games is offering a rather lucrative contest for HTML5 developers: “SPIL GAMES is inviting game developers to bring HTML5-based games to market through a contest. The contest boasts a total prize pot of $50,000, and winning games will be featured on all SPIL GAMES’ mobile sites. The contest will run for six months, and each month SPIL GAMES will select new games to be awarded. Developers can submit their games and find all related information at www.html5contest.com.”

Sounds like a pretty good plan for any mobile developer looking to get his feet wet with HTML5.

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