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Mon, Jun 14, 2010

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Are your Social City contracts taking too long to complete? Do you wish you could speed up the earning of cash and experience points in the game, without having to rely on short contracts, which offer less of both by default? Well, now you can with the help of two new Social City items – the Motivational Poster, and the Mandatory Caffeination.

The Motivational Poster will speed up your contracts by 20%, while the Mandatory Caffeine boost will make them instantly ready. To activate either, simply click on a working factory to see a new menu appear. Instead of simply asking you whether you want to delete the current contract or keep it, you’ll now have two options – one for each of these new items.

You’ll find that the Mandatory Caffeination costs City Bucks to buy (in the case below, finishing Space Ship Parts (that have naturally reached a time limit of 21 hours) will only cost a single City Buck.

Meanwhile, the Motivational Poster can only be received as a gift. By clicking on the “Ask for More” button, you’ll be able to post a news item to your feed asking your friends to click on the appropriate button and send you a poster.

In addition, all users who subscribe to Social City’s email newsletter will receive a link to obtain a free motivational poster.

These new upgrades (specifically the Mandatory Caffeination) will allow you to easily, and needless to say, very quickly boost your experience point and cash totals, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to try either of them out.

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