Spacetime Reveals Pocket Legends, An iPhone/iPad MMO

Tue, Apr 6, 2010

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Spacetime Studios first project appears to be an ambitious one with a brand new MMO titled Pocket Legends for the iPhone and iPad. Gamasutra has the story on this indie-developed project.

The new, ambitious project features 3D graphics and real-time gameplay which is rarely seen on mobile games of this type. The studio is aiming for a simultaneous release on both the iPad and iPhone. Initially, the game was only set to be released on the iPhone until the developer stumbled on the iPad and decided Pocket Legends should be on the iPad as well. This movement delayed the project but also allowed the team to expand the scope and content in the game.

Pocket Legends incorporates a free-to-play model and will subsidize its revenue through optional item purchases. The decision to be free-to-play apparently came at the last moment and according to Executive Producer Gary Gattis: “After much discussion and consternation, and a heroic effort on the technical team’s part, we decided to try to create a large community of players that we could build upon rather than go for the gold rush.” Going with a free-to-play model does indeed make a lot of sense to build the player base, especially on a mobile platform.

Pocket Legends looks to be very interesting for those looking for the MMO player on the go. I would find myself playing it for sure just because of the portability.

Pocket Legends is currently available for the iPad.

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