South Park Pokes Fun at Facebook

Sat, Apr 10, 2010

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Ever get down at your lack of Facebook friends? Ever wonder why your crush wasn’t responding to your status updates and comments? Well, these are just but a few of the types of people the latest episode of South Park targeted in their latest episode.

FarmVille players were not exempt either, of course, with one of the little boy’s lamenting that he didn’t have enough friends to fertilize his crops.

Gawker has posted a nice little video breakdown of the show poking fun at the things we’ve all likely experienced personally or vicariously as Facebook users:

  • “The moment your friends annoyingly pressured you into joining”
  • “The moment your parents join, become obsessed, and take your ignorance of their profiles seriously”
  • “The moment your significant other starts trolling your profile and realizes that you haven’t changed your relationship status”
  • “The moment you realize that you have a friend who cares more about FarmVille than life itself”
  • “The moment people who don’t actually know you in real life think that they do and take online interactions—or a lack of them—personally”

If that clip tickles your fancy, you can watch the full episode for free at South Park Studios.

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