Sound Off! What iPhone Games are You Playing and Why?

Sat, Jul 31, 2010

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We’re always posting about new releases, hot sellers, big brands, breaking news, and our take on what the App Store has to offer… But what games get YOUR downloads? What games are worth the money, and which keep your attention span active? What iPhone games make YOUR top 10 list? And for that matter, what games get the dreaded “delete”?

Most of my favorite iPhone games are the first ones I ever downloaded (Bejeweled 2/Blitz, geoDefense, Ragdoll Blaster, Harbor Master, etc.), but that doesn’t stop me from discovering new goodies all the time too (Words with Friends, foursquare, Dizzypad, and so forth). I won’ t even get into the “is foursquare even really a game discussion?” right now, because the important thing is that it’s fun and semi-competitive, so for these purposes… it counts.

Thing is, I’m just one person, and crowdsourcing the Frisky team only goes so far… We want to hear from you! Help us cover the stuff you care about by letting us know what you like to play. You can fill out this handy-dandy survey, leave a comment below, or head over to our mobile forums to get really mouthy. Pick your poison and sound off now!

Vocal readers rock – thanks!

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