Sony’s Move for a Casual Audience

Wed, Jun 2, 2010

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Sony’s PS3 has earned itself quite the reputation. The initially high price, the immaculate visuals, and its collection of exclusives (God of War, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, and the like) can be a little too overwhelming for the casual gamer. However, Sony is hoping Move will take the edge off the PS3′s hardcore image.

In an interview with Develop, TV Superstars designer Sam Dickenson said, “Move does make it a lot easier for what you’d traditionally see as a hardcore gamer and a casual gamer to play together at the same time. That means family and party games like TV Superstars, which we’re working on, don’t have the barrier of someone understanding the controller better than someone else. Move certainly introduces that.”

Though Sony hopes to reel in the casual audience with Move, in no  way is it abandoning its hardcore gamers. SOCOM producer Elliot Martin said, “SOCOM is a series that has traditionally been perceived as a hardcore title. One of the things the team has always wanted to do is open the game experience up to other types of players. The game will support Move and the traditional Dual Shock controllers which traditional SOCOM gamers are used to, so that they can continue with their experience with the level of finesse that they are familiar with.”

Sony has not announced a release date for the MOVE yet, but don’t fret. It’s said to be released before the year is through (some sources even say July 2010).

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