Sony: The PSP Needs Help

Sat, May 29, 2010

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In an interview with Gamasutra, Sony Senior Vice President for North America, Rob Dyer, spoke out about the issues that the PSP is facing, and how Sony hopes to address them.

Although the PSP still sells well in Japan, US sales have continued to drop. It’s rare to see a PSP game anywhere near the top of the charts; the last one to appear in the top 10 was 2009′s Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Games for Nintendo’s DS continue to outsell games for the PSP 8 to 1, according to an analysis at Gamasutra. Piracy has also been a huge problem for the PSP since its launch. After all, some people think why buy the game when I can get it for free?

Sony has plans to address these issues, at least for the next year or two. Dyer confirms that Sony has a strong game line-up to announce at the upcoming E3: “A lot of the stuff that will be announced…we’re very excited about, because they are huge titles.” These titles will be in addition to the already known Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Final Fantasy Agito XIII on the horizon.

And what about the piracy issue? An easily pirated system is not all that attractive to developers. Well, according to Dyer, Sony has developed code targeted at drastically slowing down piracy in the first 30 to 60 days. The goal here is to allow games to see a 60-day shelf life, allowing developers and publishers to enjoy at least some period of profitability.

Will Sony’s new games and piracy controls help the system to survive, maybe even come back from its decline? Dyer hopes so, saying, “We will have a good line-up this year. And hopefully, by virtue of that, we’ll carryy through to next year as well.”

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  • alex

    I hate the way people use piracy as a blanket term. I happily admit that I have hacked my psp and run unsigned code on it, BUT I have bought every psp and ps1 game I have played, does that make me a pirate? the answer is no.

    There are alot of talented developers who have remedied the major problems of the psp – battery life and loading times.

    The decision of Sony to make psp games electronic was 4 years out of date as it had been done by the homebrew scene. Also when Sony implemented these homebrew implemented features, they created a new form factor and a new HUGE price tag

    Sony has no idea how to treat this console, and the thing is Nintendo are pooping in their pants right now, do you know why? because even with all the piracy, being a year late to the handheld scene, going up against the gatekeeper of the handheld market for the last decade (Nintendo) and also this is the first outing of sony into the handheld market, they still managed to sell 60 million units.

    Now think if the psp wasn't marketed by the idiotic sony and actually had a chance, thats why Nintendo are crappin themselves.

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