Sonic Math: 1 + 2 = Metal

I think, by now, that we all know our friend Sonic the Hedgehog has gotten through life based on his athletic skills (and his iconic attitude has certainly helped), so we can forgive him for being a little fuzzy on some other skills, like mathematics. We should be willing to forgive him for being fuzzy anyway, since he’s a hedgehog, and all. Still, the usual answer to the equation 1 + 2 = ? is not usually “Metal,” unless you happen to be TriplePoint client SEGA. In addition to confirming a release date and issuing a new trailer today for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II, the hedgehog handlers have offered this little bonus: If you happen to own both Episode I and Episode II, you will get free, exclusive access to Episode Metal. I guess maybe that’s how the math works if you convert things into Roman Numerals; I + II = Metal. Maybe. Still, here is a very shiny trailer!

We’ll leave the math problems to the programmers and continue to enjoy Sonic based on his very fast running. Deal?

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