SOE’s The Agency is now a Facebook Game

Sun, May 9, 2010

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Sony Online Entertainment’s secret agent FPS-MMO The Agency is still on the horizon, but there’s good news: now you can play The Agency: Covert Ops on Facebook while you wait for the full product to arrive.

The new Facebook app is a tie-in to the upcoming MMO, offering players the chance to get a preview of the intrigue and action of The Agency before it is launched. The game is heavily emphasizing customization of both your avatar and your headquarters, listing everything from designer fashion to industrial battle gear to sleek electronics as available decor. Agents will be able to go shopping at the Black Market for all those under-the-table spy necessities. You can recruit top-notch agents or work together with friends to complete any of over 200 missions to gain new weapons, gadgets and intel.

Sony assures us that the full MMO is still on its way. The Agency: Covert Ops is now live on Facebook and new players will start with a bonus of 250 Station Cash for a limited time. You can play Covert Ops here.

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