Social Games More Popular With Women Than Men

Sat, May 1, 2010


According to new research done by market research firm TrendStream, social games are more popular with women than they are with men.

Among female Internet users, 28 percent say they play social games, while only 22 percent of male Internet users say the same.

Tony Smith, managing director of TrendStream, said that the disparity had to do with the style and format of social games.

“Women are particularly attracted to short, casual games involving an active community like FarmVille, Cafe Wars or Pet Society,” said Smith. “Women also spend more time on social networks in general.”

When looking at other types of gaming, such as offline and online console gaming, however, men played more than women.

I wonder if some of the appeal also has to do with the types of social games on offer right now. To testosterone-fueled men, is Farmville really going to get them engaged as much as a Call of Duty game? Doubtful. The slower pace to most social games are much more geared towards female gamers, in my estimation.

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