Social City Weekend Wrap-Up: New Limited Edition Buildings, Free City Bucks, & New Contracts

Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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If you didn’t play Social City this weekend, you missed out on a few major game updates. We now have new limited edition buildings to choose from, along with a new cross-promotion that will see all participants walking away with 85 City Bucks, and even some new contracts for high level players.

New Limited Edition Buildings

The Social City newspaper has been updated to include three new limited edition buildings: a Summer Estate, a Rio Statue, and an item known simply as “Pyramids.”

The Rio Statue and Pyramids are Leisure items, but first, we’ll take a look at the Summer Estate, a Residential item.  The Summer Estate is available to purchase for 16 City Bucks. It offers 1,000 citizens to your town every 20 hours, and rewards you with 140 experience points for your purchase.

Meanwhile, as I said, the Rio Statue and the Pyramids are Leisure items. The Rio Statue is a smaller item, taking up a 2×2 square area of land, and costs 35 City Bucks to build. It will reward you with 380 experience points for your purchase, and your town will receive a 48,000 Happiness Point boost as well.

As for the Pyramids, they are a larger item, taking up a 3×3 square area of land, and cost more as a result, at 49 City Bucks. Your purchase will be rewarded with 608 experience points, and your town will receive 60,000 Happiness Points in the process – enough to leave your citizens in a good mood for quite some time.

Earn City Bucks in New Proactiv Cross-Promotion

If you’re looking to increase your City Buck total in the game, perhaps you might be interested in Playdom’s newest cross-promotion with Proactiv, the acne skin-care product. If you’re willing to sign up for a 2 month free trial of Proactiv, using the link found in the Social City newspaper, you’ll receive a whopping 85 City Bucks.

We’re guessing that this free trial is one that will require your credit card, and will require you to go through the process of canceling your account with Proactiv before the two month trial is up, but if you’re willing to go through that, then the reward seems worth it.

New Contracts Available for High-Level Players

If you’re at least level 32 in the game, you now have new contracts to choose from when starting your factories to work. There are four new contracts in all, available to users at level 32, 34, 36, and 38. At level 32, you unlock the Tinned Fish contract, at 34, the Fantastic Hats! contract, 36 unlocks the Steel Girders job, and 38 lets you build the Moebius Game Box, a video game system.

The Tinned Fish job is the least profitable, but also the quickest, at a 30 minute finishing time, while the Steel Girders contract takes the most time, at a full day. While it may be the most convenient (that is, you wouldn’t have to check your game for a full day, while the contracts process), the Moebius Game Box is actually a more profitable job, if you’re looking to earn more cash in the game.

All of these updates are now live in the game, so be sure to head over to the Social City game page on Facebook to see them in action.

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