Social City Updates: Voting Now Open in Design Contest, New Limited Edition & Permanent Buildings

Fri, Jul 23, 2010

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Social City has updated quite a bit this week, as we see not only new limited edition buildings being available in the game’s newspaper, but we also see new permanent buildings being added to the Build Menu, and the launch of fan voting in the game’s first ever Design Contest.

New Limited Edition Buildings: Griffon Co Building, Ice Cream Store & More

There are four new limited edition buildings to choose from, with these new buildings being placed alongside the previously released Cortney’s Day Spa in the game’s newspaper. The four items, along with prices and rewards, are as follows:

  • Griffon Co Building – Costs 39 City Bucks – Gives off 50,000 Happiness Points
  • Vesco’s Music Emporium – 19 City Bucks – 12,000 Happiness Points
  • Beach Volleyball Stadium – 59 City Bucks – 62,000 Happiness Points
  • Ice Cream Store – 19 City Bucks – 12,000 Happiness Points

As of this writing, all four are available in quantities of at least 4,500 units, with the Griffon Co Building being the most limited, and the Ice Cream Store being the most readily available.

Formerly Limited Edition Items Now Available in Build Menu

Playdom has decided to add some of the game’s formerly limited edition buildings to the Build Menu as permanent additions. Some of these items are the Modern Mansion, the Baseball Stadium, the Toy Store, and the Playground.

Interestingly, those of you who purchased the items from the game’s newspaper upon their initial release have ultimately received a discount on these items, as, in the case of the Modern Mansion (as one example), it costs 35 City Bucks to build now, but only cost 29 when it was first released. Another example is the Playground, which was formerly available for 48 City Bucks, but now costs 50.

Either way, it’s still nice to have these items as options in the game’s store, should we feel the urge to spend the extra City Bucks on them. Do you plan on picking up any of these re-released items?

Vote in Social City’s First Ever Design Contest!

Earlier in the month, we brought you news of the game’s first ever design contest, that asked users to submit ideas for buildings or items that they would like to see released in the game. Now that the submission period is over, Playdom has chosen the top twenty ideas and is now letting users vote for their favorite via a post on the official Playdom blog.

The choices here range from “normal” – High School, Power Plant, Auto Repair Shop and the like – to the extreme or downright bizarre, like a recreation of Jurassic Park, Crop Circles, or a NASA Launch Pad.

You can only vote for your single favorite item, with the winner (decided next week) walking away with a cool 100 City Bucks and the knowledge that their item will soon be added to the game’s store.

Make sure you vote for which item you’d most like to see added to the game, and remember to head over to the game’s page on Facebook to pick up any of the new items that are available.

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