Social City Updates: Sumo Wrestling, Junkyard, Free Items & More

Wed, Jul 28, 2010

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Playdom hasn’t let yesterday’s acquisition announcement with Disney stop them from updating their Facebook games, as Social City has received two noteworthy upgrades already this week. The first comes in the form of new limited edition items available to purchase from the game’s Newspaper, while the other is found on both the game’s free gifts page and in users’ inboxes.

New Limited Edition Buildings: Sumo Douyou & Junkyard

The game’s Newspaper is never at a loss for new content, as today we see two new buildings now available to purchase with your hard earned (or purchased) City Bucks. The first building is the Sumo Douyou, and it can be purchased for 59 City Bucks. It is a large item, taking up a 3×3 square area of land, and, as a Leisure item, it gives off 62,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Meanwhile, the Junkyard is available to purchase for 25 City Bucks. This is an incredibly unique item, as it is a Functional, rather than Leisure or Residential item. This means that, once purchased, you can use the Junkyard to clean up all of your Leisure buildings so that they will once again offer Happiness Points to your town. While you might think that the City Bucks price would allow you to clean your buildings for free after a purchase, you’ll still need to use energy to do so.

Both items are available in quantities of over 9300 units, so feel free to take a bit of time to decide to make a purchase – the two buildings will likely still be there when/if you decide to splurge.

Collect Tudor Village Items to Earn a Free Building

Playdom is holding a Tudor themed event in the game this week. Many of you probably received a Social City email yesterday detailing this new event, which will see one new Tudor themed building released on the game’s free gifts menu from now until Saturday.

If you can manage to collect all five buildings (one building each day from Tuesday to Saturday), you’ll receive a free item as a prize – the Festival Square Clocktower.

As the building has yet to become available in the game, specific details concerning its stats are as-of-yet unknown. We can only imagine that the building will offer some Leisure points, as we don’t expect citizens to be living inside a Clocktower. Either way, remember to head over to the game’s page on Facebook every day to help your friends get one step closer to earning a Clocktower of their own this weekend.

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