Social City Updates: Get A Taste of the Wild West, or Go Green With New Solar Homes

Wed, Jul 14, 2010

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Playdom has added a few new items to Social City via two game updates. The first update sees a new addition being added to the game’s lineup of five limited edition buildings, while the second update is to the game’s free gifts page.

Add A Pink Western Mansion to Your Town

There is but one new limited edition item to speak of in Social City (so far) this week, and it comes in the form of a Pink Western Mansion. As the word “mansion” suggests, the item is a residential building, that provides a fairly substantial 450 citizens to your town every 6 hours. For those players that are, how shall we say, a bit adamant about checking the game on a regular basis, this means that through a single building, you could gain an additional 1800 citizens every 24 hour period (simply check on the building four times – once every six hours).

You can purchase the Pink Western Mansion for just 12 City Bucks, and will receive a 101 experience point bonus for adding it to your town.

Go Green With New Free Gifts

There are three new items available in the Solar Home theme, which was first launched in the game a few weeks ago, via some limited edition items in the game’s newspaper. Now, though, you won’t have to pay City Bucks to receive this new trio of items; rather, you’ll simply need to have some active neighbors that would be willing to send them to you.

The three buildings are, appropriately enough, called the Solar Home 3 – 5. They vary in design, but they all share the common theme of a roof full of solar panels.

In addition to these new items, Playdom has begun to cycle the Hollywood letter signs on the page once again. Upon their introduction a few weeks ago, the available letter was changed on a mostly daily basis, which left many without a chance of collecting them all. Now is your second chance, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to send any of the above items to friends – with a little luck, they’ll return the favor.

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