Social City Updates: Double Your Money on City Bucks, New Limited Edition Buildings, Condos and Cemetary

Fri, Jul 30, 2010

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Playdom seems to be one of the most active developers on Facebook today, not only with releasing new games, but in updating the games they already have, with Social City seeing three updates since we last spoke. The first comes in the form of new limited edition buildings, while there are also new permanent buildings available in the game’s store. Finally, if you decide to purchase a pack of City Bucks, you’ll find that you’ll receive a pretty nice bonus in return.

New Limited Edition Buildings: Forest Camp Ground & Technodyne Inc. HQ

The quintet of limited edition buildings available in the game’s newspaper has updated yet again this week, with two new items, the Technodyne Inc. HQ and the Forest Camp Ground. Both are available in quantities of at least 5,500 – let’s take a look at their stats.

For the Technodyne Inc. HQ, it takes up a 3×3 square area of land and can be added to your town for 45 City Bucks. You will be rewarded with 539 experience points for your purchase, and your town will gain 54,000 Happiness Points in the process.

Meanwhile, the Forest Camp Ground is both cheaper and smaller, taking up only a 2×2 area of land, and costing 24 City Bucks. It rewards you with 230 experience points and 24,000 Happiness Points.

Of the two, Technodyne is much more limited, so be sure to pick it up sooner, rather than later, if you want a chance at it before it sells out.

New Permanent Buildings Available in Store

If you’d rather save your City Bucks for another occasion, you can skip the purchase of the above limited edition buildings and jump straight into purchasing the two new buildings available from the store. The first is the Pearl Condominiums, which are available to purchase for 500,000 coins. You’ll earn 2,000 experience points for purchasing the building, and it will give you an additional 2,500 citizens every 40 hours.

Meanwhile, the other item is rather grim, and comes in the form of a Cemetery, available to purchase from the Terrain category of the store. It takes up a 2×2 square area of land, and can be purchased for 200,000 coins. It adds 10,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Earn Double the City Bucks for Your Purchase

If you’re looking to score a large amount of City Bucks for a relatively small amount of cash, how does the idea of “double the City Bucks for the same price” sound? That’s right, for a limited time, Playdom is offering everyone the opportunity to earn double the City Bucks on purchases made by either Credit Card of PayPal.

To be especially clear, for a purchase of $19.99, you would regularly receive 120 City Bucks, but during this promotion, you’d actually be given 240. Likewise, for the $49.99 purchase of 320 City Bucks, your total would be expanded to 640 City Bucks. These are just two examples of the quantities available.

Head over to the game’s page to purchase any of these buildings, or to take advantage of this sale while you still can.

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