Social City Now on Android, Super Factories Now Available

Tue, Aug 31, 2010

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Playdom is having a big week this week, as they have not only updated the Factory system in Social City with the release of the Super Factories, but they have also released a Social City app on the Android platform.

Download Social City on Android

If you don’t have an iPhone, but want to take your city in your pocket with you wherever you go, you now have one more option to do so, as Playdom has launched the official Social City app on Android. Whether you have a Droid proper, or just a phone that runs the Android OS, you’ll be able to download the app for free and experience most every feature available in the iPhone version.

That is, you can collect from your factories and start new contracts, clean your leisure buildings and even add citizens to your town from your residential buildings. You’ll earn 5 free City Bucks for downloading the app on your Android phone, but it doesn’t appear that those who have already downloaded the iPhone app can receive this bonus, as we’ve tried on both, and only the first login (either Android or iPhone) counted in our trial.

Additionally, the Android app lacks the ability to earn free City Bucks like you can through the iPhone app, by downloading a list of sponsored apps to receive 1 or 2 free City Bucks in return. You can still purchase City Bucks through the Android app, but free premium currency is unavailable at this time.

Still, a free app is better than no app at all, so be sure to download it to your Android phone to take the fun of the Facebook game with you wherever you go.

Super Factories Now Available

If you’re looking for a way to quickly increase your coin balance or amount of experience points, and don’t mind spending City Bucks to do it, you’ll be happy to know that Super Factories are now available in the game.

These Factories take up the same amount of space as a regular factory, both in the amount of space they consume on the map, and in the limit you can have in your town at any one point in time (dependent on population).

The first kind is the Mill Co. Super Factory, which gives out 100% extra coins for every contract built through it, and can be purchased for 30 City Bucks. For just purchasing the factory, you’ll earn 1,090 experience points, and from then on can use the factory to make some massive profits, depending on the contract. For instance, if a contract rewards you with 13,000 coins normally, if it is built in this particular factory, you’ll earn double the coins, or 26,000.

The other kind of Super Factory is the ACME Super Factory, also available to purchase for 30 City Bucks. You’ll receive the same amount of experience points for building the factory (1,090), but in this case, you’ll earn extra experience points each time you finish a contract, rather than extra coins. That is, if a contract pays out 1,000 experience points normally, using this factory you would earn 2,000 experience points instead.

Head over to the game’s page to add any of these Super Factories to your town today.

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