Social City Fixes Bugs, Adds New Easter Items, and More

Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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According to a post by Playdom on the Social City fan page, the developer has gone to work fixing some bugs within their new city building simulator, Social City. We at Frisky Mongoose jumped head first into the game when it was released just a few short weeks ago, but we too were hit with the same glitches and bugs as the rest of the gameplay community. It’s nice to see that Playdom is taking the issue of bugs seriously, but with no list of which bugs were addressed, or as to how progress is coming on fixing the larger issues like freezing games or refresh problems, it will be impossible for us to say when the game will approach “perfection,” if such a thing is even possible in such a setting.

In the meantime, these issues haven’t stopped Playdom from releasing new items within the game, including a set of new Easter themed contracts and items.

The next time you attempt to begin a job in one of your factories, take note of the two new, Easter themed options which are now available. The Tiny Meeps job costs 400 coins to run, but is completed in just 15 minutes. It offers a return of 1,200 coins and 6 experience points. The Chocolate Bunnies job lasts longer, at a five hour completion time. It costs 1,550 coins to run, and will reward you with 7,050 coins when the job is completed.

Continuing in the Easter theme, you can send your friends three new free gifts in the form of decorative Easter statues: a Pink Easter Chicklet, a Pink Easter Bunny, and Painted Easter Eggs.

Aside from these holiday items, interested players can also pick up a Brick House and Blue Victorian Home from the Residential tab of the marketplace for 20,000 coins or 40 City Bucks, respectively. The Brick House produces 80 citizens every 2 hours, while the Blue Victorian Home offers 450 every six hours.

On the Leisure tab, user above level 24 can purchase a Water Slide Pool that gives off 14,000 points of happiness, while under the Terrain tab, you’ll find an Old Tree Park, priced at 25 City Bucks, which gives off 8,000 happiness points.

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  • aillin

    I like Social city very much but cannot play it on face book, is sincronising the game all the time. It is realy a pitty for such a great game. Would you mind fix it, so we can play normal? Other are also complaining that they hatdly work. Do something !!!! Please!!!
    My best regards and wishing you a nice day!

  • Kate Hancock

    Hi there, thanks for reading! Sorry you're having trouble playing the game
    (we have been having a lot of loading issues too). I'm sure Social City's
    developer (Playdom) is working on a solution as quickly as possible and
    we'll let you know when new bug fixes are released.

    Just to be clear though, we don't make the games, just report the news ;)
    You can contact Playdom in their Facebook forum here: