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Wed, Mar 6, 2013

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If you follow the MOBA genre, you’ll be familiar with a broad variety of heroes, or champions, or whatever a specific game chooses to call its roster of playable characters — eclectic combatants designed to look and play differently, allowing teams to match up complementary powers and let players develop personal play styles. SmashMuck Champions, an upcoming MOBA from TriplePoint client Kiz Studios, takes this a step further, and is letting players attach their own designs to the game before it comes out. Kiz already allowed fans to design one of the champs at PAX Prime, where they opted to create “Dr. Jennifer, the transforming robot shark with lasers,” so… everything’s going according to plan, it seems like.

Kiz is bringing the game to PAX East next, and encouraging players to design another champ, try out the beta, and basically go nuts in a game that already sounds pretty dang nuts.

From the press release:

Throughout the show, PAX attendees can stop by Kiz’s booth (#508) or Freeplay Sessions in the PCLAN area to get hands-on with the special SmashMuck PAX East demo, meet with the game’s creators and receive beta keys and free swag.

Finally, attendees have a chance to be a part of indie game design during the “No, The Monkey Should Have a Chainsaw:  East Coast Version” panel.  That’s right, Friday, March 22nd at 8:30pm, the team will be giving gamers the chance to design the next official SmashMuck champ during a live session in the Arachnid Theatre.

I’m not sure how you outdo a transforming robot shark with lasers, but I suspect we’re going to find out.

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