SmashMuck Champions Smashes Ideas into Game and Players into Beta

Wed, May 22, 2013

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SmashMuck Champions! The game that let players come up with the idea of a “transforming robot shark with lasers” and “Platimus, the half-unicorn, half-platypus, completely awesome Champion.” To say they’re open to suggestion over at TriplePoint client Kiz Studios is to master the concept of understatement. So, we should perhaps not be surprised that the newest addition to upcoming MOBA SmashMuck Champions is the ability for players to create ‘Custom Games,’ so folks can keep using their own ideas after the game has already been launched. Plus, speaking of impending launches, Kiz is inviting players to try the game in the ongoing beta through some invite giveaways this June and July.

From the Press Release:

As Smashmuck Champions’community continues to expand following the launch of the Steam closed beta earlier in the year, the studio is closely working with players to give them a say in the game’s design direction. From the new modes announced today to fan-created champions and beyond, Kiz is dedicated to building the game its players truly want.

Kiz will hold contests throughout June and July to give players a chance to playtest the new modes and other in-development content like fan-created Platimus, the half-unicorn, half-platypus, completely awesome Champion. To participate, gamers should follow  the SmashMuck Champions Facebook page ( weekly for details on how to win a chance to be part of these epic summer smash sessions, streamed live each Wednesday on

You heard the lunatics, people. Go to it!

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