Skydog Fetches Your Kid’s Online Activity from the Cloud

Tue, Apr 9, 2013

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Two things you need to know right away about Skydog: first, their logo is a dog wearing a cape. Check it out.

Secondly, it’s a new router/network-management/child-upsetting system that gives you the following superpowers:

  • Set up and control your Wi-Fi network from anywhere, including outside of your Wi-Fi network
  • Get a detailed log of exactly who is trying to log in to your Wi-Fi so you know which neighbor to yell at
  • Set up a router for your parents’ house and administrate it from home so you don’t have to walk Mom through reconfiguring her IP over the phone when she’s trying to send you email about a kitten riding a monkey
  • Track your kid’s internet usage, including if they just walk away from the PC and start Facebooking from their room on the iPad, man, kids today, when I was your age I had to pay for my own second phone line
  • Think about how cool your dog would look in a cape

In all seriousness, it actually promises to do all of those things, except for the last one, which is purely up to you. TriplePoint client PowerCloud Systems has announced they’re kickstarting this new networking hardware/software/awarenessware, and in exchange for your backing, they want to solve all of your problems. From the press release:

In recent years, home networks have become central to the connected lifestyles of adults, teens, tweens, and even young children. The vast array of Internet services and apps, coupled with a proliferation of connected devices, has challenged shared bandwidth in the home and – for many families – parental oversight of kids’ online access. Skydog addresses these challenges in a powerful, yet intuitive and user-friendly manner.

By providing straightforward visibility and control over the home network, Skydog ushers in the next generation of home network management, enabling the entire household to save time and improve their connected experience.

“The home network market has been static for a few years now, with the focus primarily going to ‘speeds and feeds,’” said Patrice Samuels, research analyst at Parks Associates. “While some in the industry have taken preliminary steps to offer advanced home networking features such as remote management and control, Skydog unlocks the black box that is the home network via their unique network management tools.”

Also it is a dog that can fly so you need to kickstart it here.

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